Horse training and clinics

At  Dæli we offer a high profile training for horses of any age and any stage of there training. Wether it is young horse starting or getting ready for competitions. It is also possible to have private riding lessons from our licensed horse trainer and instructor Hallfríður.

 Horse show

You will be introduced to the unique story of the Icelandic horse, its distinctive features and its important role in Icelandic history and culture.s.The result is a  experience that emphasizes the Icelandic horse’s special features and pays tribute to its historical relationship with humans throughout Iceland’s history. (The show is for groups 15 or more. must be booked in advance.)


in Dæli have been horses with other animals for centurys. Our breeding is very young , the first horses will start training the autumn 2015.  Most of our horses are from Dæli , but some of the older are from Syðri-Mælifellsá.