Horse training and clinics

At  Dæli we offer a high profile training for horses of any age and any stage of their training. Wether it is young horse starting with the live as a riding horse or more experienced horse getting ready for competitions.  The Basis work is very important to always have a motivated, trustful and happy horse. This is why we give our horses the time they need and try to make up the training to the status of the horses experience, character and  learning.
It is also possible to have private riding lessons from our licensed horse trainer and instructor Hallfríður. As well as we do it for the horses, we also make up the training for the riders in their learning tempo, status of experience and also want to keep our riders motivated and happy 🙂

Horse Show

In Daeli we offer 2 different types of shows. One is more about the unique story of the Icelandic horse, its distinctive features and its important role in Icelandic history and cultures.The result is a experience that emphasizes the Icelandic horse’s special features and pays tribute to its historical relationship with humans throughout Iceland’s history.
The other one is an insight in the icelandic horse gaits and our training. Learn more about the different gaits and also our daily training with the different types of horses.
The shows are for groups of 15 or more and should be booked in advance.


In Dæli have been horses and a lot of other animals for centurys. Our breeding is young but beautiful with horses of high quality and perfect character. The first horses of our breeding started their training in 2015. Most of our horses are from Dæli , but some of the older are from Syðri-Mælifellsá and there are also some from Vidhidalstunga II.